video games aren't real life...

...but they're fun!

I'm sitting here, watching my husband and some friends play MarioKart Double Dash, and it's generally amusing. Matt and I have played SOOOOO much Gamecube this week. That's what happens when you are on break and get to spend the week after your honeymoon together in your Baltimore apartment with no agenda whatsoever.

Being married is fun. Fun because I always get to wake up warm in the morning. Fun because I have someone other than just me to cook for (I love cooking...I get it from my dad). Fun because I can play video games or knit or nap or flip through our 6 t.v. channels or check my email, and there is someone else here who is just as content as I am to simply be. We have laughed a lot this week, and eaten a lot, and played many video games, and shopped with wedding money...

Thought of the moment: I AM HAPPY!!!

I'm even excited to start second semester on Monday. My classes look good, I don't have class later than 12:30 on any day except Tuesday, I only have one class on Friday, and my semester is less than three months long. And THEN....I get to move to Baltimore semi-officially for the summer! Our apartment is so nice and pretty and homey. I love spending time here.

Yes. Life is good.

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