In case you were impatient to hear how things turned out

I'm interning starting July 1 for a year at Trinity Lutheran Church in Rockford. I don't have anything productive to say about how I feel with this placement at the moment. Suffice it to say that it's a good church but a VERY far commute, and because of the distance it was nowhere near my first choice, despite the fact that the pastor is great, and that the process of opening up the envelope with my placement, the placement itself, and my resulting reaction occurred exactly - EXACTLY! - as it all did in my dream. It was uncanny and a little freaky. To the point that I am thinking that I have true psychic powers and should ditch the ministry in favor of acquiring a crystal ball and selling my clairvoyant services. (Which would render today's decision irrelevant...)

I'll talk more when I'm less emotional and when I've had a chance to process.


  1. hey, melissa, i'm so sorry to hear about your nightmare-come-true! that is freaky. know that we are commiserating with you across the ocean. i hope that over time, it will all work out for good. love you, dear.

  2. The pastor is really great, and it's not a bad church - I'm not yet convinced that it fits well with my gifts/talents/learning goals, but that has yet to be seen. And I'm not crazy about a 2-hour commute each way. I'm mostly just confused as to the field ed. office's reasons for thinking this would be the best site for me. So we'll see what happens...

  3. How can the board that assigns your placement think it's productive to have you commute such a distance to your internship?