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Update #3: Well, it's 11:56 and I'm done with everything I needed to get done. Given that I have to leave the apartment by 7am to get to class by 8, I don't know that it'd be wise to stay up any later for the sake of knitting, but I'm probably going to do it anyway. Perhaps a half-hour limit? :) See you in the morning!

Update #2:
It is now 10:43pm, and I have to admit that I ended up getting myself very sidetracked. I've accomplished no work since my last update. Will I still be able to squeeze in some knitting tonight? Stay tuned...

Update #1: It is 9:19pm, and my paper is finished! So I now 41 minutes left to organize my group's notes if I plan on keeping to my "schedule." I have a knitting date at 10pm!

Fueled by leftover Stir Crazy stir-fry (consisting of tofu, water chestnuts, bean sprouts, broccoli, bamboo shoots, red cabbage, peanuts, and brown rice in a sweet and spicy Thai bbq sauce), and with both half a glass of diet black cherry vanilla Coke and half a cup of coffee sitting on the end table next to me (should I need them), with the Padres/Dodgers game on TV in the background, I am going to power through the last page of the research paper I've been writing for the past week on Andreas Osiander, the Lutheran confessions, and the concept of justification as the indwelling of Christ. It's been slow goings thus far, but I'm on the home stretch, so I will find a way to meaningfully interpret all of my research in order to write a page on "why the heck this all matters" and to write a pithy conclusion paragraph or two. And then after my paper is done, I will organize a pile of research for a group project that I'm a part of. And then...hopefully around 10:00 or so, if all goes well...I will KNIT.

I'm in one of those moods where the only thing I want to be doing when I should be doing homework is knitting. I've been working on a lacy scarf and making good progress, and I've ripped out the beginnings of one sweater that I'd started while ago (I've found so many better project ideas since then!), and started a new sweater with that yarn, which I also then ripped out, and have now dedicated that yarn to a new set of projects that I promise I will not rip out.

I'd bookmarked this tank top a while ago, and it's the perfect project for me right now, and the yarn I have will work nicely for it. And then, I tripped upon this shrug/cropped sweater, and I think that I can make it work in the same yarn, so if all goes well, I'll have myself an interesting variation on a twinset. I'm very excited about these projects, and would MUCH rather be knitting right now than working on a paper and a group project. But this is my incentive: do my work efficiently, and thus leave myself time for some pre-bedtime knitting.

I'll let you know how things go...

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