Pastor Kathy goes on vacation...

And five people die.

So many funerals this week! By the end of the week, I will have assisted with two funerals and I will have done one on my own.

My day today started out slow - fighting writer's block on tomorrow night's sermon, spending a relaxing and enjoyable afternoon with one of the women's groups (and they fed me ice cream cake!), and then, all of the sudden, right before an afternoon meeting, I found myself in the midst of planning a funeral for Thursday...a funeral that I'm doing all by myself...so then my scheduled meeting went long (but it was good!), and I sat in on a baptismal preparation meeting for a couple whose twins will be baptized on Sunday, and then at 7pm, 10 hours after I arrived at church, I went home.

All of the sudden I'm busy!

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  1. Don't know if you know her, but Tracey Cowan did an internship in Maryland this last semester (she graduated early) and she had the exact thing happen as you! I think the congregants do it on purpose!