Overwhelming Nostalgia (is this healthy???)

I'm having a moment of overwhelming nostalgia about St. Olaf and about Christmasfest season and about hanging out with friends on cold and dark early winter nights, listening to music or watching movies or doing nothing in the small coziness of a dorm room lit by year-round Christmas lights - the way that winter and the early-falling dark never felt lonely, but rather magical.

It's amazing how even though life is great and I love who I've become and the experiences I've had over the past 4 years, I still have moments like these, when I can imagine no better place to be than on the hill.


  1. Someone else will have to comment on whether it's healthy, but I think I can say it's normal! I have felt just that way. And I laugh to think that I believed I was BUSY and life was stressful at that time! Funny how life and time work.

  2. These moments come less and less for me. But they remain as affecting as even when they do.