The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

No, not the book. I'm talking about one of more entertaining things I ever did in college: being a part of a spontaneous "Sunday School" Christmas pageant during daily chapel. Brilliant. This is one of many reasons that I absolutely love St. Olaf - it reminds me of just how wonderful the campus pastors are, to model both a spirit of reverence and humor; a spirit of compassion and of joy; a sense of both the pastoral and the theological...they are, for me, the ideal of what pastors should be, and I credit them (and the St. Olaf student congregation) with nearly all of my desire to be a pastor. But enough of the sappy stuff.

So without further ado...The 2007 St. Olaf College Sunday School Christmas Pageant!

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  1. Oh man. I had forgotten about this. So, so awesome. I was Joseph my senior year.