It Should Have Been Easy

This weekend. We were supposed to drive to MN Thursday night, hang out with my parents in Northfield on Friday, go to Christmasfest Friday night, relax Saturday morning, and drive back to Rockford on Saturday afternoon/evening. Then I would teach Sunday School on Sunday, and then drive to LSTC to play flute @ Lessons and Carols on Sunday evening.

Weather messed us up big-time. Snow on Thursday, snow/sleet/ice on Saturday. We made it to Christmasfest (so good - and so good to see old friends!), I missed church on Sunday. I made it to Lessons and Carols, but the rest of Sunday carried with it its own difficulties, and I stayed at home with my family yesterday, coming back to Rockford this afternoon. What should have been a quick weekend trip turned into a 4.5-5 day series of complexities.

I'm drained.

But what a Christmasfest message: "Where peace and love and hope abide." This is what advent is all about. This is what gets us through.

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