I'm Grumpy Right Now.

It's snowing outside. Seriously snowing.

See all of that snow hovering over Rockford? And it's supposed to keep coming. And coming. And coming. At least 3-5 inches by the evening. At least another 3-5 inches overnight. To get home to my apartment from church, I have no choice but to go up a hill. Ethel Avenue, Gardiner, Guilford - all of them hills. A couple inches have already fallen, on top of yesterday's slush and freezing rain.

Praise the Lord that my 7pm meeting is canceled for tonight (it JUST happened). I was a bit nervous that I won't get home otherwise, or that I won't be able to do it safely. I HATE driving in the snow - especially driving the hills that I have to go up to get home.

The unbelievably frustrating thing is that there has been complete resistance toward meeting-cancellation on the part of powers-that-be who are quite unsympathetic toward any and all people who are already taking precautions against this snow. The attitude isn't, "everyone else is canceling things, maybe we should too." Rather, the attitude is, "everyone else is wimpy for canceling things and not wanting to venture out in the snow," as if taking precautions is a bad thing.

I'm worried about everyone who has to come here for meetings that haven't yet been canceled, and I'm frustrated by the patronizing, disparaging, completely non-pastoral attitude that has been exhibited toward anyone who is nervous about the snow. I understand that God should be a priority, and therefore that church responsibilities should be a priority...but neither of them at the expense of common sense and safety! I HATE that the perception is "if they aren't committed enough to trudge through the [insert inclement weather here], their priorities are out-of-whack."

Argh! So frustrating!

But at least I get to go home now...

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