The Tree of Life

"The Tree of Life," Natasha Wescoat

There in God's garden stands the Tree of Wisdom,
whose leaves hold forth the healing of the nations;
Tree of all knowledge, Tree of all compassion, Tree of all beauty.

It's name is Jesus, name that says "Our Savior!"
There on its branches see the scars of suffering;
see where the tendrils of our human selfhood feed on its lifeblood.

Thorns not its own are tangled in its foliage;
our greed has starved it, our despite has choked it.
Yet, look! It lives! It's grief has not destroyed it nor fire consumed it.

See how its branches reach to us in welcome;
hear what the voice says, " Come to me, ye weary!
Give me your sickness, give me all your sorrow, I will give blessing."

This is my ending, this my resurrection;
into your hands, Lord, I commit my spirit.
This have I searched for; now I can possess it. This ground is holy.

All heaven is singing " Thanks to Christ, whose Passion
offers in mercy, healing strength and pardon.
Peoples and nations, take it, take it freely!" Amen! My Savior!


  1. Kim L.4:38 PM

    This was beautiful!

  2. Tom Hallstrom8:23 PM

    This text simply takes my breath away -- its power and beauty are unparalled. Thank you for posting it.

  3. Anonymous12:04 PM


  4. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Alabama composer K. Lee Scott has set this to music. Beautiful text for Passion Sunday/Good Friday.
    J. Mark Baker

  5. Anonymous1:28 PM

    This is my favorite song and it only makes it better to sing it on Palm Sunday...

  6. Anonymous10:03 PM

    How can I get a copy of this set to music?? My email is chelsea.giet@windstream.net if anyone knows how!

    1. Anonymous8:54 AM

      You can find it here: www.morningstarmusic.com/pdfs/brink.pdf

      I'd like to hear a choral recording of this. Does anyone know where I can find it?