My fix-it gene is running rampant tonight.

It occurs to me that the pieces of my personality that most nudged me toward ministry generally have to do with helping others, with making things better...and I think that in high school, especially, I got caught up with believing that every problem was solve-able, if only we could find the right course of action.

It turns out that the world is complicated. And I get frustrated with I can't just find a solution - find a simple and straightforward to make things better. I feel this way in the midst of a congregation in transition. I feel this way when I look at gas prices. I feel this way when I think about hunger and poverty. I feel this way when the radio won't stop talking about recession. I feel this way when I read about the environment. I feel this way when people are hurting.

I know that not everything has a clear solution, and that I'm not always the one able to recognize either the problem or the solution, or even whether the situation warrants a problem-solving approach. But it's so hard for me to sit with the hurts of the world. I'm not good at leaving things unsettled.

It's humbling. I am not nearly as powerful as I'd like to think I am. :) And I don't have a magic wand. But I do believe that things can get better. And I do believe that I can help be a part of that process - to try to live with hope in a broken world.

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