Saturday Noon

And I'm still in my pj's.

In the spirit of lazy randomness, I'm sitting here watching the beginning of the Cubs/Sox game (go Cubs!), drinking leftover Thai iced coffee from dinner last night (Siam Noodle and Rice...YUM!), and trying to keep from worrying about either the fate of my fantasy baseball teams (Yes, teams. I have THREE. And they're all doing terribly.) or the fact that my internship stipend is not nearly enough money to get us through the summer.

In the spirit of randomness, I thought I'd share with you the fact that I'm late jumping on the last.fm bandwagon, but I'm glad I finally got with the program. There's tons of music there to listen to!

In the spirit of randomness, it's interesting to me that in a 24 hour span, I both read this article about banana economics and happened to watch this episode of Good Eats devoted to bananas
(watch it: part 1 and part 2). I hated bananas for most of my childhood and adolescence. I didn't understand why anyone would want to eat something with that sort of mushy, sticky texture. I remember being on a mission trip to Colorado just after I graduated high school, and sitting around a big table eating breakfast before our workday. For no apparent reason I decided I wanted a banana. So I ate my first banana in many many years, and decided that I liked them. And so now I'm a banana-eater. Not terribly often, though - I tend to buy them, forget about them, and then feel too guilty to buy more of them since I have a habit of letting them go to waste.

In the spirit of randomness, let it also be known that I learned two important things about sharing yesterday: Matt and I are no good at sharing french fries, and we are no good at sharing umbrellas. The umbrella problem is obvious - he's tall, I'm short, if I hold it I smack him in the head, if he holds it, it doesn't cover me very well. But the french fry problem is much more compliated. We are distinctly different french fry eaters. I view french fries as an accompaniement - a tasty side, if you will, to be eaten alongside your hot dog/hamburger/etc. So I intend to eat my fries interspersed with the eating of the rest of my meal. Matt, on the other hand, values the hot freshness of a batch of french fries over their side dish quality, and so he eats all of his french fries first, before starting in on the rest of his meal, to ensure that he eats them at their hot, crispy best. Now, let it be known that I hate cold french fries, so I will never be so committed to my method that I let the fries get cold and gross. But warm crispy french fries are as good to me as hot crispy french fries. Anyway, we tried to share fries yesterday, but it's hard when I'm trying to conserve the fries so that I eat them throughout the meal and Matt is eating exclusively french fries at the start of his meal. It makes me obsessive and panicky to think that he might eat up all of the french fries while I'm eating other parts of my meal. So I think that we might have to rethink all of our plans to share french fries when we eat together...

Ok. That is QUITE enough randomness for one morning...err...afternoon. It's time for a shower and real clothes and then a trip downtown (we're in Chicago for the weekend) to take care of a few errands (and hopefully to enjoy some time just wandering the city).

Happy Saturday!

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  1. Sheila10:39 AM

    I totally share your dilemma on the umbrella issue. Also, just noticed that you're also watching Arrested Development-- we're on our second go-around, and I am still catching things that are new and hilarious.