St. Olaf Homecoming Recap: Weekend of Good Phone Calls!

Last weekend (not this recent one, but the one a week ago), I headed up to Northfield, MN for my 5-year college reunion. My youngest sister lives in Minneapolis and went to St. Olaf. My middle sister didn't go to St. Olaf, but loves it anyway and took the weekend off to drive up with me so that we could have a fun sisters weekend!

So a week ago Thursday, I got up early, went running, did two loads of laundry, packed, and drove to Steph's Starbucks. I hung out there until she got off of work, and while I was waiting, my cell phone rang. Turns out it was ringing with BIG NEWS. I answered it to find Bishop Wayne Miller on the other end, who was calling to tell me that...(warning: shouting ahead!)


(Ahem. That's enough shouting.)

On that note, we headed out on our Minnesota road trip. The trip there was pretty unspectacular except for a great sunset, and we made it to Beth's apartment late. We watched a little TV, tried to check our email (their wireless internet is kinda cranky), and pretty promptly fell asleep.

Friday morning, Beth headed off to work (she's a teacher!), and Steph and I lounged around for a while. And then my phone rang again. More good news! My dad called to tell me that our older sister just went into labor! Very exciting! Steph and I then drove down to St. Olaf, where we ate a quick lunch before I headed off to be a part of a panel discussion in an American Studies class, talking about college life (and especially St. Olaf life). I was one of three alumni from three decades, and I had a blast! Afterwards, Steph and I wandered campus, shopped some in the bookstore, got haircuts, and then drove back to Minneapolis. For dinner, the three of us dolled up a bit and went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. We had barely stepped into the restaurant when Beth's phone rang with - yes - more good news! My dad called to announce the birth of Cameron Patrick Andrew Egan! :) We were crazy excited!

After a yummy (and HUGE) dinner, we found our way to my class of '03 gathering. What good sports my sisters were! They came with me for moral support - I'm not so comfortable going into unpredictable social situations, especially when I'm not sure who I'll know. I had much more fun than I had expected to. One of my college roomies was there, and we caught up on life, as well as some choir friends and res life friends and friend friends. All in all, enjoyable.

Then...back to the apartment, where it was early to bed for us, since we were all getting up at 5:30am on Saturday to participate in the homecoming weekend 5k run/walk. Beth ran the whole thing, and ran it well. I ran most of it (there were a couple short, steep hills that I walked in order to save some energy) and felt SO STRONG and PROUD when I finished. Steph ran and walked, and Beth and I both went back to run the last stretch with her. It was amazing sister-bonding. :) Look at us, post-race - we look so happy!

The rest of the day was spent walking around campus with Nick's family (Beth's boyfriend), eating lunch at Hogan Brothers (yummmmm), wandering through the new science center, and going to the football game. Look how pretty we are:

After the game and some more bookstore shopping, we all headed off to Fireside Orchard for some apples and cider and donuts and caramel apples. It was all so very autumnal and wonderful. The orchard grounds boast a pond and rose bushes and wonderful space outside to sit and enjoy an apple or two. Here's me, carrying all of the apples we bought:

And here we are, posing by the tractor (doesn't it look right out of a magazine?):

We finished off our afternoon/evening by napping/relaxing at Beth's apartment, then by going out for Vietnamese food (oh so very yummy). We attempted to watch a movie when we got back to the apartment, but all promptly fell asleep. Sunday was gray and kind of rainy, and after some coffee at Blue Monday's and a quick pass through Hogan Brothers (yes, again), Steph and I headed back to Chicagoland.

I love my sisters...this weekend was so wonderful, I can't even begin to express it. It just goes to show that I am a completely family-oriented person. To be with people I love in a place that I love: this is bliss to me. :)


  1. Sheila7:51 AM

    Sounds like a really fantastic weekend with your sisters!

  2. I'm so glad I found your blog. I've really been enjoying hearing about what you're doing and thinking. Sounds like a fabulous weekend, and seeing your beautiful pictures (and your lovely smiling faces) was like having a little piece of fall-weekend-ness delivered to my desk. Thanks!

  3. thanks for coming by my blog and commenting on the cookies! i wasn't sure which of your blogs to go to...you're busy! and how awesome that you blissed out on some family time.