My Ambitious List

I have spent the day being blissfully lazy. Last year, I got hooked on the show Dirty Sexy Money. (No, it's not nearly as dirty or sexy as the title suggests. Don't judge me.) But about halfway through the season, life got busy and I missed many episodes. Last Wednesday began the second season, and so I figured that I'd take a couple days and catch myself up by watching all 10 first season episodes as well as last week's season 2 premiere...all before tomorrow night's episode. So, thanks to fancast (like hulu, but with different shows), I spent today watching 5 episodes before feeling lazy and unproductive. So then I walked to Starbucks to turn in a job application. I ordered a very yummy caramel latte and walked home in the rain, and now it's 4:30. Here's what I would love to accomplish before Matt gets home from class at 9:30:

1. Go running. This is unlikely to happen now that the light rain has turned into a serious downpour. I'm not sure I'm motivated to get totally drenched.

2. Clean the apartment. Sounds simple, right?
a. Clean up the bedroom, including making the bed, putting away clean laundry, unpacking my bag from this past weekend (see #3), and cleaning off my dresser.
b. Do some mild bathroom cleaning, such as wiping down the counter and mirror, etc.
c. Clean the kitchen. Eew. It's messy. I need to do at least a couple dishwasher runs, clean out the sink, etc.
d. Pick up the living room, which isn't that bad, it just needs a little tidying.
e. Take out the trash that will accumulate over steps a-d.

3. Update my blog with news and pictures from this past weekend at St. Olaf for homecoming.

4. Make hamburger casserole for dinner (it doesn't sound impressive, but it is one of the yummiest things you'll ever eat).

5. Bake a pie with leftover apples from fireside orchard (again, this relates to #3).

6. Ignore the debate so that Matt and I can watch it together tomorrow. Instead, watch more DSM until he comes home, if I have any time leftover after working through the rest of my list.

Yes. I'm ambitious. Really, if I can get through the cleaning and the dinner-cooking, I'll be happy. Blog-posting and pie-baking are far more enjoyable and far less important right now. If I have to save them for tomorrow, I have to save them for tomorrow.

Ok, off to the bedroom to clean up some clothes.....

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  1. That sounds like it would be far too ambitious for me to accomplish if I were in your situation. But you can do it!