The husband and the cat are both napping. One due to a headache, one due to running around the apartment all crazy-like all morning. You figure out which is which. ;)

I had a meeting with the synod staff this morning. In part, the meeting was a chance for me to get to know them and for them to get to know me. I swear, they asked me harder and more profound (more difficult!) questions than my approval panel did. Questions about the joys and drains of my internship, about my thoughts on the relationship between worship/liturgy and multiculturalism/diversity, about what evangelism is and whether or not it is an urgent concern of the faithful (and why!)...

Then we discussed first call options. There aren't many good options around here, at least in terms of my own preferences and gifts. But there is one option that sounds too-too-perfect. It makes me want to get excited, but I am afraid of getting my hopes up about it. I'm a little gun-shy these days, after eight weeks of applying to 30+ jobs (for the in-between time) and coming up empty. I know that the call process works differently. I know that it's not a matter of twenty people all submitting their resumes to a church and letting the church decide. It's a case-by-case basis...and I think I'd be good there...hopefully all will work out.

"Trust the process" - around LSTC those are infamous words. I'm trying to trust it. It has worked for me thus far...now we're at the end-game. Time for patience and prayer and hope. Time for trying to keep from feeling too anxious about finances. Time to keep from feeling too discouraged by job rejections. Time to watch and wait.

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  1. Oh, Melissa, I feel your pain! Best wishes and prayers go out to you as you wait for your call.