At least it's not fettucine alfredo.

Unlike Michael Scott in The Office, I know better than to eat fettucine alfredo right before running. But coffee?

This article in today's New York times talks about runners who have realized that they perform better with caffeine in their systems; it could be coffee, cola, caffeine pills, or even painkillers like Excedrin that contain large amounts of caffeine.

Don't get me wrong - I love coffee. And don't be fooled - I don't yet love running (though I'm trying!). But I cannot imagine mixing those two things together. I understand caffeine's stimulant effects (and have noticed how my mornings are sleepier these days, having given up coffee for Lent). However, I still can't be convinced that caffeine is particularly healthy; at least not healthy enough of a habit to become a regular part of my exercise routine! In addition, both coffee and cola are acidic, and I wouldn't really want to feel that in my stomach as I run.

Thanks for the interesting article, NYT, but I don't think I'll be stopping at Starbucks before the Race to Wrigley in April. Perhaps afterward, though...

[Photo:Filip Kwiatkowski for The New York Times]

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  1. Interestingly, my routine for early morning runs is to have half a banana (the potassium helps fight muscle cramps) and a few sips of coffee (hardly half a mug, definitely not a venti). It's partly that it's hot, somewhat the stimulant of the caffeine. I once tried to go without coffee as part of the routine and totally messed myself up (yes, I'm an addict!).