Freshening Up

It is amazing that March is so busy for me that the busy-ness actually spilled backwards into the end of February! There is lots to say and nothing to say. First call things are moving along nicely, as far as I can tell. Slowly, but nicely. Hopefully I'll be able to say more over the next few weeks.

Work is work - still loving it here, and incredibly sad when I think about leaving, even though when I leave, it will be to pursue the vocation I've been waiting and working toward for the past five and a half years (yikes, that's a long time!). Also, when I leave here, it will mean that I've accepted a call, which will likely be in the suburbs, so leaving this job also means leaving the city, which means moving and all of the "joys" that go with it....packing, unpacking, learning a new place, finding new grocery stores and restaurants and shortcuts across town. But it will also mean moving into a bigger place (it's about time), moving with a better sense of permanence, and (finally) beginning to settle down, put down some roots, and regain a sense of stability and habit. I think Matt and I can then really begin to feel like a family (a little two-person-plus-cat family for now, but kids someday), as opposed to transient students.

Anyway, it is starting to feel like spring these days. Not the weather yet, but the daylight and the overwhelming sense that change and renewal are in the air. We had friends visiting over the weekend, and so we did a substantial bout of spring cleaning, I'm trading in my winter boots for rain boots and flip-flops, and I've freshened up my blog design a bit.

Despite lingering cold weather, does anyone else out there feel as if spring is (just about) in the air?

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  1. Well, it's 7 days after you wrote this post and it's definitely feeling springlike in my part of the world. There are all kinds of bulbs poking their heads up through the soil. We drove to Niagara Falls yesterday (1/2 an hour away) and it was just a gorgeous, sunny day. I don't know what the official temperature was but all kinds of people were out without coats or jackets. My wife is so eager to get out and work in the garden but it's still a little too mushy to do anything.

    I'm glad to read that your call process is moving along and that you might have some news to share soon.