Pinstripes and Ivy

Official spring started a couple weeks ago, though the weather here in Chicago feels nothing like spring. But today, for me, is when spring really starts: Opening Day! I cooked and ate dinner last night to the glorious sights and sounds of baseball, watching Derek Lowe pitch an incredible game against the Phillies (for which my fantasy team thanks him!).

I visited my potential first call church over the weekend, for a series of meet-and-greet opportunities with the congregation before they vote in another two weeks. The best question I was asked (multiple times over) was "Cubs or Sox?" I was proud to claim Cubbie blue! So, in honor of the start of baseball, and in honor of my Cubs, here is something to make you smile on an otherwise cold and gray Monday:

[YouTube link here]


  1. At my first meet and greet at Trinity, I was asked if I was a Packer or Bear fan. My answer was, "Are those minor league baseball teams?"

    Go D-BACKS!

  2. Go Cubbies! Once a Cubs fan, always a Cubs fan!