Panera has free internet. Therefore I blog.

I'm sitting at Panera, enjoying coffee and a bagel...and free internet. We are now 95% officially moved into our new apartment (out in the suburbs!), and while our phone line transferred just fine, we're still waiting for internet. So that means I have no choice but to hang out here at this corner table, in the sun, drinking coffee, eating a multigrain bagel slathered with honey-walnut cream cheese. Tough life. ;)

The past two weeks have been ACTION-PACKED. I finished my job on Friday, May 8th. Matt picked me up from work and we headed out on the road, driving to Minneapolis for that weekend. Matt played in an alumni ultimate frisbee game at St. Olaf on Saturday, I caught up with an old friend, we had dinner with my sister, and then spent the rest of the evening hanging out with a slew of Matt's college friends, including wives and two new babies! On Sunday, we got up and drove down to Northfield, worshiping in Boe Chapel and being present for the baptism of one of the aforementioned babies:

After lunch, we went with Beth and Nick to Nick's parents' house, and spent all Mother's Day afternoon over there. We grilled burgers and played the piano and sang and went to the playground. It was lovely.

We drove back to Chicagoland on Monday, and then spent the rest of the week packing and moving boxes out to our new apartment. On Friday, Matt's parents flew in for his law school graduation weekend. We spent all of Friday afternoon in traffic and rain. Ugh. Traffic to the airport to pick them up. Traffic back to our place. Traffic out to my parents' house for dinner (mmm....burgers and brats and cookout food!).

On Saturday morning, we all met for brunch near our (Chicago) apartment. Seriously, if you're in Chicago, you
must go to Tweet for breakfast or lunch. It is excellent. See how excited we all are, waiting to order?

Breakfast was a wonderful prelude to the graduation day. I just have to say here, in big bold letters:
After three intense years of work, he is now Matthew Bills, J.D, graduate of Loyola University Chicago's School of Law. Doesn't he look handsome in his graduation garb? (I think so!)

It might have rained all Friday, but the weather on Saturday was PERFECT for graduation. Sunny, warm but not too hot, blue sky. It made for lots of post-graduation pictures:

We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around Andersonville, shopping and enjoying the spring weather. Then off to Francesca's for dinner (yum!), followed by relaxing with Matt's parents at our apartment, and playing some Wii.

On Sunday morning, we took Matt's parents to Fourth Presbyterian Church for worship, which is where I needed to be for the rest of the afternoon anyway. Sunday was Apollo Chorus's Cathedral Concert, and so my parents and sisters drove back into the city to join Matt and his parents in attending. It was a fun concert to sing - Fourth Presbyterian is a beautiful place, and wonderful to sing in. We sang some beautiful music - Eleanor Daly's Requiem and John Rutter's Gloria, among other things. I'm so happy to be a part of this group; my life feels so much more like my life when I'm singing! After the concert, we bid farewell to Beth, and my parents drove her to the airport to send her back to Minneapolis. :(

Matt had his first bar exam prep class on Monday, and so while he headed off to that, I wandered Michicagn Avenue with his parents before getting them to the airport.

Since Monday, then, the week has been a flurry of moving. Packing boxes, loading boxes, unloading boxes...the movers came Tuesday to transport our furniture...we spend all of yesterday afternoon/evening in Chicago, packing the kitchen and what was left in our closets, and prepping the bathroom for painting. Over the next couple days, we have to finish packing and loading the random last boxes from our old apartment, finish repainting the bathroom, and unpacking into our new place. Because then, Tuesday, Matt's bar exam prep classes are in full swing for the rest of the summer, and I start at St. Timothy!

Whew! It's been crazy, but exciting! It's a lot to process...but I'll save that for another post! For now, it's time to finish the rest of my now-cold coffee, to do my last email check, and to head home to our good-natured but confused cat for an afternoon of movies and unpacking.

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  1. Melissa, my fiance Gavin also is a lawyer. What type of law is Matt planning on doing?