Placeholder: Saltwater Taffy

I'm still here, I promise. And soon, when I have a little more energy to do so, I will post all about my ordination just over a week ago, and about my trip to New Orleans this past week with the high school group from St. Timothy for the ELCA National Youth Gathering.

But as for right now, I'm recovering from my week away, and catching up on email and blog-reading, and coming across things like this post, appropriately titled "Craving: Saltwater Taffy." I know I just got back into town yesterday, but if I had my way, I would fly off to New Jersey to be at the shore if I could. Spending days at the beach, evenings at the boardwalk, enjoying the smell of the salty air and eating sweet and wonderful things like taffy wrapped in waxy and yet somehow sticky paper.

I am such a Chicago girl - you, of course, already know this. I love the city, I love how it makes me feel, I love just how much it feels like home to me. And yet, thanks to my husband, I have fallen quite hard for the Jersey shore as well. It's a place unto itself. It's a place where the beach is a way of life, rather than a destination. It's about life lived slowly and under the sun. It's about the warmth of the day and the breeze at night. It's about the lights of the boardwalk and the way that taffy and ferris wheels and street performers (boardwalk performers?) make every evening feel like a first date. I love it.

If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?


  1. I am sitting at the airport, about to fly to Boston via Milwaukee. Where do I wish that I could be? Already on the grassy hill side above Ipswich Bay, watching the ride come in slowly. I will send happy, salty thoughts your way!

  2. Got back on Saturday after 2 weeks of camping where we had all of 2 days when it didn't rain. Now I'm in the office and the sun is shining outside. If I could be anywhere I'd say a poolside chair under an umbrella with a good book, so that when it gets hot I could jump in to cool off. That would be awesome. Those 2 weeks of vacation just weren't very restorative.

    But, in 8 weeks we'll be at Disney World. Hopefully I'll get some R&R then.

  3. I know you posted this a few days ago, but I am just reading it the day after arriving in the States. I think it's probably obvious, but...I'd be in St Andrews, looking out at the sea!

  4. I totally understand. Although I am a CA girl, sometimes I just miss NJ so badly and wish I could go back. Yesterday was one of those days for me.