Too Much!

This week has quickly gone from busy to CRAZY. So much on my to-do list. So many details to keep track of. So many conversations (however short) that need to happen. So many news items to ponder and comment on.

I'd love to spend time talking more about the various extreme reactions leading up to the president's address to school kids yesterday. I'd love to spend time on the Apple website, taking in the updates that were announced today and window-shopping (well, as best you can on the internet) ipods. I'd love to catch up on friends' blogs and find a new, nice background for my Twitter profile. I'd love to take a moment to share my thoughts on Twitter and Facebook and blogs and the whole host of ways that we connect over the internet, and what that means for our relationships, our communities, and our ministries. I have a few links that I haven't yet shared, hoping that I'll have time to write about them soon.

But instead, I have to write a sermon for this weekend (and then another one for next weekend). I need to track down a couple people to plan jr. high and high school education and fellowship events. I have to get all the details set for this Sunday's high school class. I need to put together and send out a high school email newsletter, mail out a marriage certificate for a wedding I performed this past weekend, send out a few emails in order to track down final details for events happening this weekend, and find time to convene the social ministry committee to get a handle on this fall's events.

It's just one of those weeks when EVERYTHING demands my attention. I love being busy, but this is getting ridiculous. I predict a 9pm bedtime this Sunday, after this crazy week, after our fall worship/Sunday school kickoff, and after our church picnic. :)

But until then...back to the difficult but satisfying task of crossing things off of my to-do list.

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