Hello, bed. I've missed you.

So here's the thing. I got back from the confirmation retreat around 3 today. It was an EXCELLENT retreat, and there's much to be said about it. But not tonight. I want to talk about the wonderful things that happened, but I am just TOO tired tonight.

I went home, relaxed for about 2 hours, and then went back to church to meet up with the high school group for our crazy bowling night. We had a HUGE turnout, which was awesome. We bowled some regular and some crazy games, which was also awesome. The bowling alley accused our group of trying to cheat them out of pizza...that was NOT awesome...and NOT true. But apart from that, a great night with an amazing group of high schoolers!

I'm blessed! I spent this weekend with a combined 60+ St. Timothy youth of a variety of ages. They all make me so happy. I'm at this church, in this call for a distinct reason. It's amazing.

Even when I'm tired. And grumpy. And physically exhausted. And dreading some of my Monday morning office tasks. Despite all of that, I love my job. And more than that, I love the kids I work with!

Now, it is beyond bedtime. There are more stories to tell from this weekend, but not until tomorrow. If you're craving substance, check out yesterday's guest post from my hubby. Good stuff there.

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