It Catches Up With You

The past week has been terrible as far as sleep habits go. It all started with Hesed House, where we worked 3-7, and I only succeeded in sleeping about an hour that night before leaving home for our shift. Then too many evenings staying up after midnight and one o'clock, and nothing at all resembling sleeping in.

It all hit me this morning. I could barely drag myself out of bed, and it took substantial effort to keep from falling asleep in the shower. Also, I woke up with a very sore and swollen throat. So tonight, it is 10:30pm, and I'm already up half an hour longer than I intended. I bribed myself to make it through the day (despite being sick and exhausted) by eating McDonald's breakfast (one of my guilty pleasures in life).

But since I can't (and won't!) eat fast food breakfast every morning, the way I can "bribe" myself into making it through tomorrow is by making sure I (finally) get enough sleep tonight.

All the late nights and early mornings really do catch up with you eventually...and so, it is bedtime. A nice, early bedtime. Because I can. :)

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