Sick Day

I went to bed last night feeling tired, but good.

After a successful Sleep Out Saturday, and after sleeping in a tent on the church lawn Saturday night, I got up Sunday morning, ate breakfast with the folks who slept out, and then preached two services. After worship, we ran home, inhaled some lunch, and headed into the city, because I was singing in a hymn festival that afternoon.

The hymn festival - a festival in memory of Paul Manz - was glorious. Wonderful music, a wonderful venue for singing, and a wonderful tribute to a man who dedicated his life to the church and to its music.

Afterwards, my family came to our place for Sunday night pizza, and later, I went to bed, exhausted but happy. What an excellent weekend! It feels nice to crawl into your bed exhausted if it's because you were doing great things...

By this morning, however, my body had exacted its revenge on my over-exertion. I woke up with a painful sinus headache, a serious stomachache, and an overall feeling of malaise. I had a meeting with my First Call Theological Education group (a small group of us first-call pastors, where we share our experiences and grow together in ministry), a meeting that I couldn't miss or cancel. The meeting was good - I love my group - and by the end of it, I was feeling functional, but I was so glad to get back home afterwards, to nap on the couch, relax, and try to recuperate.

I'm about to head off to bed. Hopefully another night of sleep will do me some good, and I can wake up tomorrow feeling good again! I hate being sick. It's such a bother.

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