Texts for a Snowy Advent Day

I heard Chanticleer in concert this past Monday night. I went with a group of friends from church. We all took trains into the city, met for Thai food, and then wandered over to Fourth Presbyterian Church for an evening of beautiful music. I left the concert speechless - these men are so talented, they pick wonderful music, execute it with integrity and sensitivity, and really know something about music (as evidenced by the most excellent program notes I've ever read at any concert anywhere). It was lovely to sit back and enjoy the season.

Two of the texts that night stuck with me - one familiar to me and one new. Both are poetic and really capture, for me, the mystery and hope of the Advent and Christmas seasons.

There Is No Rose of Such Virtue
There is no rose of such virtue
as is the rose that bare Jesu;

For in this rose contained was
Heaven and Earth in little space.
Res Miranda. [Wondrous thing.]

By that rose we may well see
that He is God in persons three;
Pari forma. [Of the same form.]

The angels sung the shepherds to:
"Gloria in exclesis Deo!"
Gaudeamus. [Let us rejoice.]

Leave we all this worldly mirth,
and follow we this joyful birth;
Transeamus. [Let us go.]

O admirabile commercium
O admirabile commercium!
O wondrous exchange!

Creator generis humani,
The Creator of the human race,

animatum corpus sumens,
assuming a living body,

de Virgine nasci dignatus est:
has deigned to be born of a Virgin:

et procedens homo sine semine,
and, becoming man without human seed,

largitus est nobis suam Deitatem.
He has bestowed upon us His divinity.

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