Breaking the silence!

Yes. Indeed. It has been a while since I wrote anything here. And by "wrote anything," I mean posted something resembling an actual blog post, instead of a sermon or a newsletter article or a reflection for Holy Week.

It's been quiet for many reasons. Quiet because I'm unbelievably busy (in a good way). Tomorrow marks my one-year anniversary at St. Timothy. I have survived a program year, my first Christmas season, my first Holy Week, my first round of teaching confirmation and planning high school events and activities. In the midst of all of this, sometimes it is hard to have anything interesting to say in a blog post, or, frankly, over dinner. Sometimes it's hard to detach myself from the everyday details of church work and find something else to talk about. And many of those details aren't necessarily appropriate for blog posts. There are plenty of things that happen in a given week would never be appropriate to discuss somewhere as public as a blog on the internet. And then, on top of all of this, there's this pesky little thing called "Facebook" and this little fad called "Twitter," which means that plenty of everyday details and thoughts get communicated in places other than this blog.

But I'm breaking the silence today - hoping to make an effort to start writing here again, in addition to continuing to post my sermons and other more "formal" writings. I like having a space to air my thoughts on the world.

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