Falling behind

It's probably a good thing that life gets in the way of blogging. There's something to be lifted up about living life rather than trying to document it, and about having live and lively discussion rather than focusing on stimulating virtual conversation.

But yes, I've fallen behind my NaBloPoMo goal. Last year, I somehow managed to squeak out a post for every day of November. This year, well, that ship has already sailed. However, as I look at things, the tagline of NaBloPoMo is "30 Posts in 30 Days." Even if I can't succeed at posting every day, at least I can have as my goal a total of 30 posts, even if it means doubling up on some days.

For instance, this little explanation and apology and admittance of defeat is really a throwaway post. I can easily post a second time today without feeling like I'm overwhelming my readers (all 2 or so of them...).

So this is my new plan: live up to the 30 posts in 30 days goal, and feel good about it!

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