Two weeks out - 2.99 miles

It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving is two weeks from yesterday.  From a running standpoint, all of my grand plans to train hard over many weeks for the upcoming 5k have obviously not happened, though I still have gotten myself out and running a few times and am still planning on running the event.

From a life standpoint, I want to complain about how it's too early for stores and commercials to be Christmas-focused, and yet it truly is already halfway through November.  Thanksgiving will be here in the blink of an eye, with Advent and Christmas quick on its heels.  I'm the girl who, in college, deemed November 1 the date upon which it was legal to listen to Christmas music, for goodness' sake!  And yet this year, I tried listening to some Advent-y Christmas music yesterday, and shut it off halfway through the first song, because it just felt too early to be thinking winter and Christmas.

Anyway, back to running.

I tried out a winding path tonight to a familiar road, and then decided to close the loop the long way. I picked up my pace and remembered just how much I love running in cool weather. Even though I let my brain get the better of me and ended up walking a few short distances throughout the run, overall I felt quite strong and energetic. I felt less exhausted after this run than I have ever felt, and this is after running one of my longest distances ever (outside of the actual 5k's themselves).

So I don't know if it was all the orange juice that I drank today or the adrenaline of finishing a long and tiring week, but tonight was awesome.

Two weeks until the Turkey Trot...and I'm going to ROCK it. :)

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