Keeping Advent, day twenty-three

One drawback of any one-post-every-day venture is that things move very quickly. Everything you post is quickly buried under the next days' posts and there isn't much time to sit with any one idea. So instead of filling today with another new thing, I would rather revisit a handful of my favorite posts from my "Keeping Advent" series.

Day five: I really like the picture that I found for this post. It is as if the bird were the Spirit that has come upon the Messiah. Flickr is an amazingly fun place to visit and often rewards you with images like this.

Day six: This choral piece is new to me this year. The St. Olaf Choir sang it at Christmasfest earlier this month, and it was stunning. I am always amazed at the power of music.

Day nine: Hands-down, my favorite post of this entire series. I found both the picture and the "Eating batter" post on the same day, quite by accident. But the message is so spot-on when we think about what it means to live in the season of Advent and to live entire lives of Advent.

Day eleven: I'm a little proud to have taken the picture that is a part of this post (I get lucky shots like this on occasion), but I absolutely love Rowan Williams, and this poem speaks to my heart in this season.

Day twenty: We offered a Longest Night worship service for the congregation over this past weekend (just shy of the actual longest night), which was a time for people whose souls were most vulnerable to gather in order to take most seriously the darkness of Advent and look toward the light of Christ. The service was incredibly meaningful - praying for all manner of griefs and losses in our lives, and trusting God as the source of healing and peace - and I feel that it was a time and space that most truly reflected what Advent is all about.

Are there other posts this season that have been particularly interesting or meaningful to you?

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