10k Training Week One - 2 miles

Technically, week one begins tomorrow, when I begin day one of my "official" 10k training plan, in preparation for the April 16 Boom & Zoom at the Morton Arboretum.

But I was planning to be at the Arboretum today anyway, and it was nearly 50 degrees, so I decided to take a lap around the West Loop road. Doing it the "cheating" way - beginning at Thornhill Education Center and ending at the Visitor Center - put me somewhere just around 2 miles. Not an exact science by any means.

It was a hard-work sort of run. Many hills. Much walking. But it felt good.

I'm nervous about increasing to a 10k race, but I look forward to a good run through the Arboretum when the world looks less like winter and more like this:

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