The end of week 2

Last week, I took Thursday off like I was supposed to (rest day).

Friday's goal was 40 minutes of cross-training. It was the HS ski trip day, and even though I only skied half a day, I definitely got the 40 minutes in.

Saturday's 3 mile run DIDN'T happen. Too tired from the ski trip.

Sunday's cross-training didn't happen. I went right from church to a baptism lunch to church-sponsored Whirlyball to my parents' house for pizza.

Definitely didn't go running on Monday. I don't quite remember why. Icy? Maybe.

On Tuesday I "rescheduled" Saturday's 3 mile run and did it after work, then turned right around and played almost 2 hours of volleyball. Ended the day feeling pretty athletic!

Matt had a meeting on Wednesday, and I did the Pilates/cardio DVD that is pretty much my favorite exercise DVD ever.

Thursday: rest day. Woohoo!

Friday, late in the evening (midnight, really), after a relaxing morning, an afternoon of sermon-writing, and an evening of theater (the NNHS production of "Footloose"), I did an hour of Pilates and Wii fit and felt REALLY good.

Today was a 3.5 mile day. I felt like I've never run before in my life. Sort of like running uphill through pudding the whole way. I walked. A lot. And had a few despairing moments ("I'm so far from home and I'll never get back there and why didn't I bring my cell phone so that Matt could pick me up???"). Here's hoping next week is better. Up to 4 miles next Saturday...eeks....

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