Something in the weather?

I don't know what it was - the weather, my tumultuous past week, too much time reading books involving neuroscience - but I had a couple oddly detailed, crazy dreams last night.

In the first one, apparently we were living in an apartment building with a bar in the lobby. I stormed into the bar, having gotten word, somehow, about Matt and his group of friends getting horribly drunk and destroying things. I stormed over to Matt, who was sitting in a booth, really drunk. He said to me "YOU'RE drunk!" And I said "Not as drunk as you!" (If you know Matt at all, you'll know both why this dream is sort of hilarious...and why, in the dream, I was so surprised and angry!) His friends bragged to me about some of the stuff they happened to break during their mischief, and I was fuming. I took Matt, stormed up to our apartment, and refused to let any of his friends in. I woke up angry, which was the funny part of all of this, and it took me a minute to realize that I shouldn't feel betrayed or angry at Matt, who was sleeping beside me, not drunk, not mischievous, not anything.

Later on, I had a dream that it was a regular Sunday night high school youth group night, and there was a small handful of items on the agenda: reminding them to get their summer trip forms turned in, singing some songs together, and then watching a movie with themes of resurrection. Things had barely gotten underway when another youth group showed up to join us. They, apparently, were from a satellite church (spun off from a local megachurch) who wanted to see how we did youth group. So all of the sudden we had TONS of youth, and I was trying to talk about the summer trip, and halfheartedly inviting this new bunch of kids to join us, while their leaders - who were far more talented at guitar and worship-leading than I was - tuned their guitars and sort of took over the worship part of the evening. Then we turned on the movie, and for some reason, I wandered around church for most of the movie, checking in with people who had just come from a Sunday evening worship service, chatting with an old friend from college who had played trumpet during the service, and eventually making my way back to the youth room for the end of the movie. The main character of the movie, apparently, was played by Kelsey Grammer, and the whole point of the movie was him coming to terms and making peace with death, hoping for resurrection. The last scene was him finally "giving in" to the inevitability of death, symbolized by him falling. And then he lands on a bed and wakes up in a bedroom that, while not as fancy as his own bedroom, is still comfortable, homey, and filled with people who love him. So apparently the lesson in all of this is that on the other side of death, there is still comfort, peace, and love...and that life after death is pretty similar to, though better than, life on this earth. After that, everybody packed up because the movie was over, and the weird invading youth group invited us to join them sometime, and said that they'd join us again...and that was it.

So as I said. Not sure why all the crazy last night. It's been a while since I've had dreams like this, so intricate and filled with details and, really, cohesive plot-lines. But if anyone has any control over my mind, I would actually appreciate a better and more dreamless night tonight...I need a good nights' sleep one of these days!

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  1. Crazy! I read the first one to Patrick, and he said, "That's exactly what you do!" I have dreams where I am angry with him, and then wake up angry. It's hard to shake the lingering feeling! So funny.