Advent 3: Monday

"With eyes of faith which look backward through the years we, too, see the angels and hear their heavenly song. We kneel at the manger-cradle to behold and adore the child. Dare we ask what this vision means? ...In spite of all our fears, and all the dismal signs, and all the disheartening facts that confront us in a world at war – a world where force is the God of nations, and cruelty is a virtue – still the message rings down the ages telling us that these things need not be...."
- Bates G. Burt, from his sermon on Christmas morning, 1940

Prayer for Peace

(text: Abbie Burt Betinis/Bates G. Burt)

Peace, the breath of peace is near, it calms and cheers,
As we, with eyes of faith, look backward through the years...
Peace, it was the Angels' song when He was born,
Peace and Good-will to all, they sang, on Christmas morn.

Gloria! Et in terra pax!

Lovely, oh so lovely, the reflected star,
The star of Hope in every eye that sought so far...
Far, they sought to love him: Bethl'hem, Calvary...
That from their want and fear all people shall be free.

Gloria! Et in terra pax!

Softly, o'er the snow so softly comes the sign,
A better peace descends to us at Christmastime.
Softly, o'er the snow so softly, then is gone –
So we wait in hope, and fear, to see our century dawn.

Gloria! Et in terra pax!

Angels, o'er the broken, spread your silver wings,
And help us to keep sacred all the love He brings.

- text © Abbie B. Betinis, 2004

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