Advent 3: Wednesday

by Anne Porter

Once in the Advent season They scraped up all the ashes
When I was walking down And with them decorated
A narrow streetEach other’s faces
. .
I met a flock of children Then they ran back to me
Who all came running up to me And stood
Saying that they were prophets In a circle ‘round me
And for a penny they .
Would prophesy We stood that way
. In a solemn silence
I gave them each a penny Until
. One of the children spoke
They started out .
By rummaging in trash-cans It was the prophecy!
Until they found .
A ragged piece of silk He said that long before
. The pear tree blossoms
It’s blue, they said Or sparrows in the hedges
Blue is a holy color Begin to sing
Blue is the color that .
The mountains are A Child will be our King.
When they are far away
They laid the rag
On a small fire
Of newspaper and shavings
And burned it in the street

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