Advent 4: Thursday

Anybody else feeling a little frazzled at this point in the season? A little out of proportion? A little overworked and overwhelmed? A little too behind on tasks...or a little too behind, emotionally? Maybe, if you're anything like me, the busyness of these last days before Christmas feels a little heavy and dark, like the short days and long nights of December itself.

The good news is that we have now passed through the darkest night of the year. Here, in the last week of Advent, we have crossed the longest night and we are slowly moving back into days that will be lighter and lighter, even as we look to the brightness of the star over Christ's manger and the brightness of Christ as our light.

Before Dawm
As the dark awaits the dawn,
so we await your light.
O Star of promise, scatter night,
loving bright, loving bright
till shades of fear are gone.

As the blue expectant hour
before the silv’ring skies,
we long to see your day arise,
whole and wise, whole and wise,
O lucent Morning Star.

As the moon reflects the sun
until the night’s decrease,
may we your healing light release,
living peace, living peace,
unto your holy dawn.

Shine your future on this place,
enlighten ev’ry guest,
that through us stream your holiness,
bright and blest, bright and blest;
come dawn, O Sun of grace.
We await your light.

--Susan Palo Cherwien

Take heart, all who are feeling dark and cold. Night will indeed blossom into dawn. Wishing you all peace and hope as you await God's dawn in your own life.

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