Christmas: Thursday (Epiphany Eve)

John Gunstone says,
The star was a particularly evocative symbol. Variously interpreted as a figure of an angel or as a sign of the Holy Spirit, it pointed the magi (and so also the members of the church who meditate on the gospel) to Christ. 'Is it to be wondered at,' asked John Chrysostom, 'that a divine star ministers to the rising Sun of Righteousness? It halts above the head ot he child as if saying, 'This is he'
Below is a picture of artist Pandora LaCasse's work; she creates light sculptures in public places, combating the dark of winter with bright light, like the star piercing the dark sky that pointed the Magi - and that points us! - to the Christ. Read more about her artwork on the On Being Blog, and hear her talk about her artwork on YouTube.

Castle in the Park - Deering Oaks Park - Portland, Maine

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