Just a little jazz

Fruitlessly flipping channels tonight, late into a Friday evening, when non-cable television has very little to offer...and caught the end of some people singing together on PBS. Intrigued, I kept watching, and discovered that I was watching the "Tony Bennett: Duets II" episode of the PBS Great Performances series. I was hooked. I'm still watching as I write. I was particularly taken by his singing "Speak Low" with Norah Jones:

I have a secret soft spot in my heart for this type of vocal jazz; slow, dreamy, a little sexy, something that you so very much want to slow-dance to. There was a stretch of time when I dreamed of being the one singing these songs. But these days, I think that all I want is to be there, listening, dancing, feeling full of romance and nostalgia and intrigue.

I don't listen to jazz very often, but enjoy it when I do. I listen to far more vocal jazz than any other type. And I love the idea of jazz like you wouldn't believe. It is so very personal. A thin space between creator and creation. And it takes so much skill...to truly embrace and illuminate all the freedom that you have in the music.

So just a little jazz chat for a Friday night... :)

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  1. Your post about how personal jazz can be reminded me of this post, by one of our teachers:


    Just about anything can be personal (for lack of a better term) for us if we choose to enter into a relationship with it. I love that thought about education and about faith, too.