A little embarrassed

Yesterday in worship, my children's sermon was all about listening for Jesus, and I wanted to give them a concrete way that we can see and hear what Jesus says. So I thought about the way that some Bibles have Jesus' words in red, and thought that it might be a nice way to show them how we "hear" Jesus' voice in the Bible. So I dug through my bookshelf to find my confirmation Bible back from eighth grade, which I knew had Jesus' words printed in red.

(Sidenote: Way to feel old...yeesh. I opened up the Bible and saw the inscription, and thought about how long ago 1994 was. My oldness was further confirmed when some of the high schoolers at church reminded me that they weren't born yet in 1994. Yikes.)

Anyway, today, I am working on writing a short devotion for a Lenten devotional booklet, and I grabbed my pocket Bible off my desk, the Bible that has been my primary Bible for, like, 5 years now. And I'm reading from the book of John, and after a few minutes, it dawns on me that there is something funny about the page...

See that? Yup. This Bible, that I've been using for many years now, has Jesus' words in red. And I never noticed it. Went digging for an old Bible yesterday for no reason. Not sure why that makes me feel so dumb, but it does.

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