Keeping the Season

During this past Advent season, I decided to start a new blog. In previous years, I have used this particular blog space for all sorts of things. Writings, ramblings, sharing personal pictures and stories, sharing pictures and stories and poems and artwork from others...

And in Advent, I decided that it might be nice to collect all of my church-season blog posts in one place. So I started a dedicated blog for poetry, music, pictures, and reflections on the liturgical season. It's called Keeping the Season.

In Advent, I cross-posted those items there and here, but I'm thinking that for Lent, I'll post liturgical season sorts of reflections over there, and other stuff over here (personal stuff, sermons, general thoughts and writings and rantings, etc.) Also, as of yesterday evening, I finally finished transferring over all of the rest of these similar posts from Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Holy Week from years past, so they are now all in one place.

I've put a link to Keeping the Season in the sidebar, so you can always see what's going on in that space. I posted over there yesterday, and am planning to post again today, with further reflections on Ash Wednesday.

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