Same but different

It is another Saturday morning. I am working on another sermon. I am sitting at another small table nursing a drink for inspiration.

But this time, instead of my usual local Starbucks, I am sitting at one of my favorite places to get a drink: Argo Tea. And if you know anything about Argo, then you know that it doesn't exist in the suburbs (as far as I know).

Yes, I am here in the city. Here in Chicago on a foggy morning, where the tops of building disappear into the clouds and where impending drizzle means that we all have our umbrellas at the ready.

In between writing paragraphs of my sermon, I look up and get a little giddy when I remember that I am sitting here at a little table on Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago, just inside the Tribune building, and right across the street from the Wrigley building.

Matt and I both had the day free yesterday, and we decided to spend it in the city. Yesterday was a big day for us...the day that we would hear whether our first IVF cycle was a success or not. Matt's beautiful idea was to spend the day downtown, and spend the night, and make it a special little getaway. If it was good news, then what a way to celebrate! And if it was bad news, what a nice way to distract ourselves and have some joy even in our disappointment. His plan was genius.

Unfortunately, the news came back negative, which puts us back at the drawing board. Pretty rough news. And yet...news that is much easier to swallow when you receive it while at the Shedd Aquarium, on your way to go see the penguins. That sounds glib, but it's so true.

This weekend has been quite the exercise in focusing on all of the joys and blessings in my life instead of the disappointment of the moment. I remember how much I love this city (a crazy amount, if you couldn't tell), and how I am such a city girl (if that city happens to be Chicago), and how amazing Matt is, and what a blessing our relationship is. Last night, it was a matter of appreciating the simple joy of ordering dessert after dinner in order to wait out a downpour, and then winding our way back to our hotel through wet city streets and bright lights reflecting off puddles. This morning, it is the joy of getting up early, and walking freely around a quiet city. It is watching the people walk by the window as I drink an iced coconut chai and work on a sermon.

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  1. Yes, a night in the city was a brilliant idea. I'm glad you were able to let some of that energy and joy wash over you.