How about some rain?

The week thus far has been filled with blue and cloudless skies, warm sunshine, cool breezes, and green signs of life everywhere I look.

The week thus far has been filled with hospital visits and being both pastor and friend to people in times of struggle.

The juxtaposition is a little jarring.

Back in high school English class, I learned the term "pathetic fallacy" while studying Shakespeare; it is a literary device where an author assigns or treats inanimate objects (like the weather!) as if they had human emotions or thoughts. I don't usually think about the weather in real life in terms of pathetic fallacy, but I have to admit that this week, it was weird to have happy weather rather than gloomy weather. Weird to walk out of a hospital building into warm sunshine. Weird to be driving to a hospital through a downtown area full of people walking their dogs and eating ice cream, and teenagers heading to the pool, and everyone sitting around, enjoying the sun.

I mean, this week has been the definition of "when it rains, it pours." So how about even one overnight thunderstorm or something?

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