One more day

It is Monday. Monday is the busy day.

  • Monday is the day when laundry needs to happen.
  • Monday is the day when emergency Target runs need to happen for travel shampoo, camera batteries, bus snacks, and a water bottle to replace the one that you thought was in your gym bag but wasn't there when you looked for it.
  • Monday is the day when you stack all of your clothes on the bed, look at the giant pile, and then realize that you don't need seventeen shirts for six days of travel.
  • Monday is the day when you pack up your backpack, but leave out your phone charger and iPod charger so that you can use them overnight and pack them in the morning.
  • Monday is the day for last email checks and last-minute details.

Because Tuesday - tomorrow - we leave for New Orleans!

We had a great BBQ and final meeting last night at church. St. Timothy hosted the youth from St. Paul Lutheran in Villa Park and Grace Lutheran in Glen Ellyn, who are our busmates for the ride to and from New Orleans.

We ate ourselves silly on hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, and salads. We played getting-to-know-you games out in the church yard while our AMAZING team of grillmasters weathered the heat and humidity to cook us delicious food. We collected paperwork and final balances and handed out our trip t-shirts.

I don't know about you, but I feel ready to go! Well, except for that whole laundry and packing business...

Anyway, one more day! Tomorrow, 4:45am, the adventure begins...

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