Well hello.

Not sure who all still lurks around here anymore these days...

This blog has always happened in fits and starts, which was just fine while I was winding my way through seminary and while blogging and social media were all new, exciting, trendy ventures.

But this particular space has become a bit of a challenge for me! It started as a purely personal blog, where I talked about my own life, shared stories and pictures from family gatherings and holidays, wrote a bunch of posts about mundane things like knitting and baseball-watching. The mundane stuff meandered over into Facebook statuses and tweets, and honestly, much of that has just fallen away altogether.

I used this space as a place to dump sermons and musings on ministry, and I still like putting those things out there for people to read, but I've started to think that this is no longer the best space for them.

So, I think it is time to make official what has been happening unofficially around here: to place this blog into semi-retirement.

Instead, I've started focusing my writing a bit, and portioning it out. So never fear! I'm still writing, just in different places:

Keeping the Season - a blog that I've kept for a few years now, mainly a collection of art, poetry, music, and musings on the liturgical seasons, which started as a way to collect my Advent post-a-day projects. This is also where I've been posting my sermons.

The Holy Imagination - a new blog that I've started, focused more intently on matters of spirituality, faith, ministry, and seeing God in the wider world.

Laughing With Sarah - this is my hidden-turned-semi-public blog on all things infertility, pregnancy, and baby-related.

Those three are more than enough venues for keeping up with me. Art, spirituality, and family. The three big emphases in my life. Feel free to follow me around in those ventures!

And who knows whether this space will come alive again - it certainly might! But until then, it is time to go quiet around here, intentionally, that other pieces of writing and creativity might have room to grow.

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