I'd rather be writing a real post right now...

...but instead I'm studying for a midterm.

Tell me how this makes sense: a professor - of Lutheran theology, confessions and history, nonetheless - at a seminary full of pastors-to-be decides to schedule a midterm for 8am the Monday after Easter. Shouldn't he know better? Those of us pastor-types in his class likely spent Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday night, and all morning Sunday at church, doing church things. Which means that for nearly the entire week before this midterm, we've been living at church instead of having time to study. This midterm is just mean.

So instead of sharing anything with you all about my Easter celebrations, or the general goings-on over here, or even something nice and theological having to do with my experiences and beliefs about Holy Week, I am instead reading as much as I can concerning the first half of the semester's topics in the Lutheran confessions, so that I can write two somewhat erudite essays on undisclosed topics at 8am tomorrow morning.

I think I'm a little grumpy.

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