It is as dark as if it were 8pm outside right now - the same amount of light as mid to late twilight, post-sunset, pre-dark. And it is storming. Sheets and sheets of rain outside, cracking thunder, the whole bit.

It's a good afternoon to be me, knitting away on the couch, watching mindless - though not trashy - television. HGTV is good for that. (Oh, and on the knitting front, I'm making good progress on my Clapotis, in case you were wondering. It's very red-pink-yellow!) It's a good afternoon to be Matt working from home instead of going downtown via buses and rainy bus stops. It's a good afternoon to be a cat who likes curling up for naps.

If it were sunny out, I'd feel lazy for sitting around all afternoon like I have been. But during a thunderstorm, one would be silly NOT to be sitting around, doing simple slow things with no agenda and no guilt.

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