This one's for my family.

(Thanks again to the Freakonomics blog for this one.)

Happy LEON day!

What is LEON day, you ask? LEON is "Noel" spelled backwards. Today is exactly six months until Christmas. I'm not making this up, I promise.

For those of you not part of my family, my grandmother had a set of four green ceramic candlesticks, each of them an independent letter of the word "Noel." She'd put them out on her piano at Christmastime, and when we'd all gather to celebrate together, the cousins would try to beat one another to switching N-O-E-L to L-E-O-N. A few years back, my mom found some other sets of Noel-spelling Christmas decorations and gave a set to each of my cousins.

I have to say, we did get bored of L-E-O-N after a while, and tried to get more creative, spelling out L-E-N-O (as in Jay), or L-O-N-E, or even trying to spell out different words by, say, turning the E on its side to make it a wonky W or an M, or turning the N on its side to make it a Z.

So...365 divided by 2....that makes it, what, 182.5 shopping days until Christmas?

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