Just a List

1. Coffee always tastes better when you're using it to procrastinate.

2. Corollary: coffee always tastes better when it jump-starts your productivity.

3. If you have to write a sermon, be sure to check out The Text This Week and the This Week in Preaching portion of Calvin Seminary's Center for Excellence in Preaching website. They've helped me get inspired for the "sermonette" I'm writing for a vespers service tonight.

4. Sometimes I feel like I've outgrown AIM, but other times, it's awesome.

5. It is one of my persistent life goals to be a better friend to, well, all of my friends.

6. I think if I were given the choice of getting to sleep in two hours later in the morning or getting to take a two hour mid-afternoon nap, I'd choose the nap 98% of the time.

7. In an unusual rush of girlie-ness this morning, I painted my toenails. Turns out that the color, though looking refined and rosy in the bottle, is actually a crazy, flashy, shiny brand of pink. I can't tell if I love it or hate it, but I do know that I'm surprised every time I look down at my feet (not that I look at my feet all that often or anything).

8. I desperately want to put the world on hold for a week and sweep my husband off to Door County for a week of fall relaxation.

9. Ph.D applications are a surprising amount of work.

10. Related to #9: It's really hard to write up a resume/curriculum vitae when you haven't really published anything or won any awards in your field. You feel amazingly inexperienced.


  1. 4) No one's outgrown AIM! I didn't know you were on -- give me a shout sometime. I'm wick98.

    8) That sounds amazing.

    10) I hear that. I needed to write my first CV for the retention process here and it looked pretty threadbare.

  2. I think I would choose the two hours instead of the nap.