To Sleep, Perchance to Dream?

I am feeling sluggish today. I admit it. But I have a decent excuse...I really really didn't sleep well last night. Here's the story:

11pm - I crawled into bed, pleased that I had resisted the temptation to stay up later for no good reason. I called Matt, said goodnight, and was asleep by 11:30 at the latest.

Dream #1 - I dreamed that one of my younger sisters was pregnant and went into labor. We were at my parents' house, and apparently I was the one prearranged to take her to the hospital. We told my mom that we were leaving, and my mom asked if I needed any cash. Before I could answer, she pulled a few dollars out of a wallet to give me, except that she was pulling them out of my wallet (which, of course, has my driver's license, which I need to drive to the hospital). So I took my wallet, started to head out the door, and realized that my mom's van was blocking my car (and she's the only one with keys to it.) So we all headed outside - my sister, my mom, and me - and the new plan was that my mom would be driving both of us. So I graciously offered my sister the front seat (because she was thinking about getting into the back), and we got in the car, and my mom started to get a little frenetic. She peeled out of the driveway, and I made some offhand comment about how we weren't in that crazy of a rush, and then my sister snaped at me for snapping at my mom...and then I woke up. Very confused.

I fell back asleep.

3am - I woke up because I was too hot, and woke up enough and was and coherent enough to remember that I had set my alarm before going to bed, but hadn't turned it on. So I turned my alarm on, kicked off some covers, pushed up my sleeves, and struggled to fall back asleep.

Dream #2 - I dreamed that I was in a big Target or WalMart with friends. As we were wandering around, we ran into a girl that played flute in band with me in high school (who didn't really like me all that much). She was incredibly excited to tell us that she was working in fashion design, and that she had designed a line of lingerie for the store. So we humored her and followed her to the aisle, and she grabbed one of my friends, draping her in this huge green cape that in no way resembled lingerie. In the dream, I think we all thought that this lady and her fashion career were totally pathetic. So all of the sudden, we were in the parking lot, and it was snowy and icy, and for some reason, as I was driving through the lot, I crossed paths with this former-flute-player again. She got into my car, and since (in real life!) she lived close to my (parents') house, I ended up driving her home. Along the drive, she confessed that she had never hated me or anything, but that she had admired me in high school and just didn't know how to tell me. The whole time, I was driving through ice and snow, and we turned down the road to her house. It was terribly icy and full of potholes, and it was amazing that we made it to the end of the street without crashing into anything. When we got to the edge of the street, we both got out of the car to walk around the corner to get to her house. We cut across a field, and then the only way to get through to the other side was to cut through some lady's house, and so we did. She wasn't too pleased until she saw that it was me (apparently I knew her?), and then it was fine. Somehow during this process, winter turned to spring, and I bid farewell to the flute-player, and headed back to my car. As I approached it, it drove away! I did a double-take, just to make sure that I wasn't mistaking it for someone else's car, or that I hadn't forgotten where I had parked, but no...it was indeed my car that was driving away. But it wasn't moving all that quickly, so I started running after it. Whoever was stealing my car apparently didn't know anything about how to steal cars! Don't you speed off? It was going slow enough that after a few blocks I caught up to it and knocked in the driver's side window. The car stopped, and the door opened, and it turns out that my friends Dawn and Sheila, as well as my youngest sister were all in the car. They wanted to surprise me by accompanying me to Iowa, which is where I was (apparently) headed that afternoon. So they all shifted around so that I could drive, and that was that. Needless to say, I again woke up CONFUSED.

And so I went back to sleep.

Dream #3 - Short and simple. My oldest sister is having a baby in September, and I dreamed that we were all together for a visit post-baby, and I hogged the baby all evening (but no one seemed to care!). I woke up kinda happy. But frustrated that I couldn't seem to stay asleep for more than a couple hours at a time.

There was also a dream #4, but I don't really remember it. Something about (no joke) me talking to cartoon characters and babysitting. It might have been an extension of dream #3, but I have no idea. And there was at least one other time that I woke up (not dream-related, but because I felt really sick).

So there. That's why I'm sluggish today. I woke up at least 5 times last night, and given all the dreaming and being too hot and feeling sick, I can't imagine that I was sleeping well even when I was asleep.

Here's hoping that tonight will be more peaceful!


  1. OK, I hope you aren't offended that I thought this was hilarious! Here's my analysis of what caused your weird dreams: either YOU are pregnant (gasp!) or you had something spicy to eat for supper last night! ;-)

    By the way, was the baby a boy or a girl??? If you come to visit, you can hog the baby all you want. - K

  2. Wow! I dream all the time but rarely remember my dreams in that much detail, let alone 3 or 4 dreams. I usually wake up, knowing I was dreaming, but having no recollection of what the dream was about.

    My wife, on the other hand, is always telling me about the dreams she had. Could it be a woman thing, this remembering the details of your dreams?