My Humorous New Obsession

Friends of mine in the blog-world have recently been enjoying and remarking on the blog Stuff White People Like. It's sarcastic, sardonic, biting satire...I have to admit that I've checked it out in good humor, and am far less impressed than others are with it. I'm not sure if I'm just oversensitive, or if I'm just wired with too much defensiveness in me, or if I have a hard time appreciating satire that really really pushes the line on flat-out insult. But regardless, I appreciate the premise and execution, if not the content.

Yesterday, thanks to a random commenter on Adam's blog, I found a SWPL knock-off blog that has knocked my socks off. It's called Stuff Christians Like, and is a hilarious satire of church/Christian culture. If you have never thought about whether Christians are funny, or whether we appreciate the humor in our own situations, this blog is a great place to start.

Some of my personal favorites:

Saying "In Christian Love" before you punch someone.

The kid who makes out with girls from other youth groups.

Witnessing to people who don't believe in the Bible using the Bible.

The "pray if you feel led" prayer.

The Double Sermon.

Giving open flames to kids on Christmas Eve.

The G(DTR).

Committees on Committees about Committees.

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