Sweet Treats

Sometime around Christmas, I discovered the artwork of Natasha Wescoat and fell in love. Since then, I've been admiring her art and pondering how to procure some of it. If you go back to my posts during Holy Week, I used her work The Tree of Life as the artwork for one of my Good Friday posts. Anyway, it's hard to pass up the current contest on her blog - a few simple web maneuvers in exchange for the possibility of winning some amazing art! If you're interested in looking at more of her art, check out her website, her myspace page, and her Etsy store. Happy browsing!


  1. Thanks for sharing the work of this amazing artist - very cool!
    There's also amazing giveaways happening over at Freefroot.com almost daily. It's a new giveaway site dedicated to showcasing eco-forward design and organic goodies. www.freefroot.com

  2. Hi Melissa! I wanted to let you know that you are the winner of the Sweet Treats contest! Please contact me via email or my blog to let me know your choice of print and where you'd like your prize package sent to!