It's Been A Good Day

Today was a day full of things that I love.

I woke up after a long and good night's sleep, and hung out with Stephanie (who came into the city last night and slept over!), playing Wii MarioKart. Then we headed downtown, where we met Matt for gyros at Mr. J's. Yummmm!!!! After that, Steph and I walked all the way to Navy Pier and enjoyed an absolutely beautiful day wandering the pier and then wandering over to Jane Addams park and walking along the beach and taking pictures and rolling up our jeans to wade in the water. We walked and walked and walked, and then came back to the apartment, played some more MarioKart before heading out to Trader Joe's (my favorite!) to pick up a few ingredients for hot chicken salad (one of my favorite recipes).

Lots of hanging around in Chicago? Awesome!
Lots of good food? Yum!
Wii? Wheeee!!!
Hanging out with my sister? Yay!

It's been a good day.


  1. Sheila7:57 AM

    Indeed, sounds like a wonderful day. :)